Frequently Asked Questions

When will your next book be out?

I give each novel the amount of attention it deserves which includes research, time spent writing, editing and the cover artwork. In the past two years, this has been a very exciting time for me as I am now a full time author. I try to put out three to four books a year but that can always vary.

Do you design the cover for your books?

I work very closely with my cover designer. I often have an image in my head as I see the characters or setting and then share those ideas with him. He will then create a mock up and we go back and forth until the cover looks as I want it to.

Do you give talks or speeches? Do you do interviews? Do you write guest blogs?

I participated in two author panels in the past year as well as a reading and an online interview. I welcome the chance to connect with my readers and you can always write me at angelcitygirl@gmail.com for more information.

What do you consider most important in writing?

I truly enjoy the research in historical romance and try to make certain my books are accurate. But aside from that I love to tell a good love story with a strong Alpha male and an equally strong female. The men in my books are dark haired and sexy and the women are intelligent and lovely. Besides the story and research I take great pride in putting out a good product and my editor is a tremendous help in this regard.

Are you ever going to write a contemporary romance?

I would never say “never” but my heart is in historical romance and there it shall stay for the time being.

Where do you get your ideas?

Each book is vastly different and sometimes it can be a Ceylon coin which started me off on The Tea Plantation or my fascination for Egypt and Agatha Christie which began Love in the Valley of the Kings. They really come from anywhere and once I get the small seed of an idea, off I run with it!